There are various types of commands that users use in order to fetch information about the system configurations and its working. Out of all these commands, chkdsk.exe program is used very commonly by individuals. This command works in different types of operating systems like DOS and various versions of Microsoft Windows. However, it has been seen that the use of chkdsk.exe program in latest Windows 7 is problematic. Users face many troubles when they try to use this particular command. If you are also facing this problem then here you can find some information that may prove beneficial to you.

Purpose of Chkdsk.exe Command

Generally, this command is being used to displays the status of the file system of a computer. You can easily check the status of hard disks and even floppy disks by using command prompt or using the option of Windows Recovery Console. The command plays a key role in rectifying the logical errors that take place in the file system. Apart from dealing with logical errors, chkdsk.exe is capable of handling few physical errors that occur on surface of disk. You can use this command for determining bad sectors in a drive with ease. In all, this command is quite advantageous but when you are using Windows 7 you cannot enjoy these benefits.

Problems in Using Chkdsk.exe in Windows 7

Suppose you run this command to fetch information about the disk usage when you start up the system next time. However, when the system is switched on, instead of receiving the data you may come across screen displaying error message. There are different messages that one may come across after executing this command. If you want to know why a particular error occurs then there is no solid reason behind it.

Broadly, two kinds of errors occur where in one type the countdown timer starts counting and one in which the timed does not start. After this a command appears on the screen where user is asked to press some key if he does not want disk check. However, the real problem occurs here as even after pressing some key the timer will continue counting and you may have to wait for long.

In other case where no timer begins you may come across two kinds of situations. In one the disk check starts on its own without asking the user. In other case, the command is executed even before countdown reaches zero.

Solving the problem

If you are using Windows 7 and have experienced any such problem after executing chkdsk.exe program then there is available one solution for you. A program called hotfix is present that you can download in order to get rid of such kinds of problems. It is advisable that you should only use this solution of you are presently facing any problems.

If you are using Windows 7 then it would be better not to use chkdsk.exe command on your system. By using this particular command on systems with Windows 7, you may come across different kinds of errors. The command not only slows down the processing of the system but may also cause problems when you switch it on.