It has been seen that when users make use of different services on their systems various problems may take place. well here I would like to point towards the problem that occurs is system using apple’s Bonjour service and using Windows Vista or later operating systems. If you are using the same version of OS and using this service as well then you might have come across the situation during which a default gateway of is created on your system. In the following text, various issues related to this problem have been covered and maybe after going through it you find answers to your problems.

What is Bonjour Service?

This service is a product of Apple and is used in systems based on Microsoft Windows. This service is used to install, configure, and use network printers. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP then you can also use this service. However, it has been seen that in some versions of Windows this service causes two security problems in the system. The first of them is the creation of default gateway in the system. The second problem of using this service is that there are few installations of this service that lack the feature of uninstaller and thus in the Windows services listing do not display an entry that can be read by human beings.

In the following paragraphs, you can learn about the causes and solutions of the first kind of problem.

Why this problem occurs?

Generally, we knew that Bonjour service makes use of logic in order to add a route to specify a default gateway of and later does not remove it. However, during the set up of this path, only this step does not take place and rather a sequence of steps takes place.  In the beginning when this service does not start up in the system, no address is received through the DHCP in the system. However, due to the unavailability of any address, Bonjour service adds a default gateway in the system in order to indicate that all internet hosts are onlink. At the same time through the DHCP, the system receives an address but the default gateway is not removed even after this. Due to this problem, the configuration of gateway does not take place properly and it results in no access to the internet.

How to solve this problem

In order to get rid of this problem you have to delete that default gateway created by Bonjour service yourself. However, it may be possible that after you delete the route once the Bonjour services creates it again. If in any chance this happens, you have to delete the gateway all over again by following few steps.

If you are using a system based on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and at the same time, you are using Apple’s Bonjour service then you may come across a problem where this service creates a default gateway Due to the creation of gateway, you may not be able to access internet on your system and have to delete it to sort out everything.