Internet Explorer is considered to be one of the earliest and most famous web explorers introduced in the World Wide Web. In the number of years that Internet Explorer existed in the technological world, new versions have been made in order to cope up with the test of time. Moreover, along with these continuous innovations with the versions of Internet Explorer are the errors that go by this.

Histrory of IE

Internet Explorer is actually the Microsoft’s web browsers. It is now more commonly known Windows Internet Explorer. Users all over the world mostly used Internet Explorer as their web browser since 1999. The latest version of Internet Explorer used nowadays is the Internet Explorer version 8. Moreover, the version 9 of the Internet Explorer is currently under developed and is expected to be released by 2010. These innovations and developments are continuously evolving that many people are already waiting for this new version. The hope that the new version will not cater the errors anymore is on the hearts of the users.

Indeed it is true that the current version is having some problems with its different functions. All of the problems when it comes to the current version have their own solutions. The error on viewing or display functions in the latest version also has its own solution.

With the 8 versions that Internet Explorer has innovated since the time that it began its role as web browser, no wonder errors occur. Some websites that have been in the web for a long time since the earlier versions of Internet Explorer have errors in the viewing function using the latest version. What users will see is a blank page with a button that tells the users to switch to compatibility mode.


Turning on the compatibility mode would open the websites that were once cannot be viewed through the current Internet Explorer. It would be just like using an old version of the Internet Explorer. Well, you know what the best thing is about the solution on this problem? Once a website is recognized by the Internet Explorer System to be a webpage not compatible to the current version, a compatibility button will appear on the address bar which will make it easier to find for the users to easily access it.

If you want to turn off or on the button of compatibility view, it is possible through the Internet Explorer then off to tools button, then to compatibility view. It is the easiest way to turn on or off the compatibility view button of the Internet Explorer.

If you turn the compatibility mode on, it would remain to be on the compatibility mode until you turn it off. The websites that you will visit will be viewed through an old version of Internet Explorer. But what you should also bear in mind is that not all website display problems are caused by the current version of the Internet Explorer. There are other factors that could result to website display problems and these are the website’s code, interruption on the Internet connection and heavy traffic on the web.