When you are using the version 8 or earlier version of Internet Explorer for viewing the web sites then you might get an error message which says that Internet Explorer can not display the webpage. This problem can be solved in two ways. You can ask the team of Microsoft to fix the problem for you or can do it on your own. The choice is yours but the main focus of both of these commands is to solve the problem for the user.

Getting Microsoft’s help

In order to get the automatic help for solving this problem you must click on Fix it for me link available at Microsoft’s web site. Then from the Automated Troubleshooting Services page you must click on Run now button and then follow the instructions accordingly that appear in the wizard.

Fixing the problem yourself

You can also fix this problem by yourself. Any beginner or the intermediate computer user would be able to do this task without any difficulty. If the problem still remains you can look at the advanced troubleshooting method available on the web site of Microsoft.

Check if you can see another webpage

The first thing which you should do is to see if you are able to open any other web page or not. For this start Internet explorer and write some other address in the address bar such as http://www.msn.com/ or http://www.microsoft.com/ etc. If you did not receive any similar message of error then you must contact the owner of that particular web site. There are chances of that website to be offline temporarily.

Run Network diagnostic tool

In Internet explorer you must try to access the web page which is showing the error message. Click the link of Diagnose connection problems on that page, which will run the Network Diagnostic tool. After it has finished running it will show some message such as it was unable to locate the problem or a problem was detected. The next steps will be told with the help of the tool from which you can troubleshoot the problem. In IE6 Detect Network settings should be clicked by the user. Click on the IP address and note it down. Follow the steps that are shown by the Network Diagnostic tool for fixing the problems with the connection and then start IE.

Reset modem and router

If the problem stays then disconnect the cables that connect your computer with the modem. Also, disconnect the modem and the router too and restart your computer. Plug in all the cables ones again to the modem and router and restart your computer. Then start Internet Explorer.

Delete browsing history

If you were unable to resolve the problem with other ways then deletion of browsing history might help you. Temporary internet files, form data and history should be removed. If you are using the version 8 of internet explorer then you must first start explorer and on the Tools menu click on Internet options. Click delete under the browsing history. Then select the check boxes of Preserve Favorites website data, temporary internet files, cookies, history, form data and Inprovate filtering data. Click delete present at the bottom of the window. Close IE and start again to access the page again.

This can help you solve the problem and if you still could not resolve the problem then you must see advanced troubleshooting on Microsoft’s website.