There are times when you delete your mailbox accidentally and often, you would tend to think there is no way you are getting them back. With lots of information such as appointments, contacts, messages or any other important stuff that comes through your mail, deleting any mail as important as this can seem like a nightmare because most often e-mails might be deleted accidentally. However, there is a way you can perfectly restore mailbox to PST and regain your mails and not very easily.

What is PST?

Just so you know, a PST file simply refers to folders in Microsoft Outlook which have data that you can export and even share with your friends, relatives, colleagues or other users. These folders are shared via the Microsoft Exchange Server and can be lost either through accidental deletion or from technical errors.  So if by any means you have deleted or can’t find your mailbox, there is no need to panic as you still recover it. Your mailbox is saved on the Exchange server for a maximum period of 30 days before it is removed. Sop regaining your mailbox should be as easy as ABC!

What you need to do!

To restore mailbox to PST, simply begin by opening the Exchange System Manager utility. This program is crucial to the success of this operation as it is the only way to restore your mailbox and if you cannot locate it, check with your IT department guys. Thus ensure that the MS Exchange Server is installed in your machine before you think of recovering any mailboxes. Once you have opened the Exchange System Utility program, click on the sign (+) so that you can enlarge the Administrative Groups tab on the left panel.  Simply open the Exchange administrative group or the Mail Administrative Group as it may be named in others. If that is done, click again on the sign (+) just beside the primary exchange server and then from here, simply click the sign (+) again to enlarge the tab Mailbox Store and from the options you will see, right click on the tab Mailboxes and choose Run Cleanup Agent. You will immediately see a list of all the mailboxes that were deleted from the server recently.

Restore Mailbox

Up to this point, it should be easy to restore your mailbox, just locate the mailbox you want to restore from the list and right click on it, from drop down menu you will be given simply select Reconnect, choose the user account where you want the mail box to connect to and press OK to restore the mailbox.

Launch Outlook again and you will notice that the PST folder with the mailbox you wanted restored has just been restored. It should be that easy so next time anything happens to your PST mailboxes, this is what you should do!