Microsoft Excel is used as a spreadsheet tool for performing calculations, analyzing data and integrating information.

Here are some of the basic steps to restore the default settings in spreadsheet:

Step 1:

If you want to restore Microsoft Excel to its default Spreadsheet, you can go to my computer then Documents and Settings folder, open your username and then Application Data, Microsoft and finally the templates folder then rename the book and sheet files to something that you will remember. Always remember that you have to save the settings for later use, either move or delete them if you don’t want to use the template.

Step 2:

Now open Microsoft Excel and locate the options settings under the Tools menu, then click the General tab and after that note which folder is listed at Startup, now open all files in, minimize or close excel  and navigate to the folder listed in that box.

Step 3:

After all these actions now delete any existing files in that folder, save them if you want to use them later, to save you can rename the template using a name that you will remember.


Reopen Microsoft Excel to verify the settings returned to default. If you face the same problem again then you can either repair the complete Microsoft Office application or just MS Excel tool. Re-installing MS Excel can also resolve the problem and it is also safe step as it is not going to delete or affect any existing MS Excel data and files.

These basic steps can help you to restore the basic or default manufacture settings of MS Excel which might have been corrupted due to any reason. By these settings you can Restore Microsoft Excel to its default Spreadsheet, and you can easily do your work again as you want. The steps mentioned above do not require any hardcore computer knowledge and can be performed by any laymen as well.