System wide changes might come up with a very weird response getting you all your operating system messed up in instances. The reinstallation of the whole Operating system would make you lose a lot of information as well as necessary files in case the backup is not taken. The best way to manage with such a situation is to use the XP restore feature that would help you get your restore point back and your system safe. One thing that sets the restore option in Windows XP distinct is the quality that it can help you roll back all the changes that might have been caused by the invasion of any of the viruses from the internet world or any other media.

The system restore actually takes a snapshot of all the files and folders along with the registry settings over on the system. The log and details of all this is saved as the restore point on your consent and can be instigated once you wish for. All the files that you have backed up while taking the snapshot in form of the Restore Point can be recovered. You need to login as the administrator in order to make the restore as this is a system wide setup that is not available to all the users in the computer User Management hierarchy.

Follow the Start menu and then All Programs. The Restore option is available in the System Tools menu in the Accessories tab. Follow the System Restore option in the System Tools menu. This would get you to the System Restore page by welcoming you. You can have the option of restoring your system to an earlier time, click next after selecting this option. You can select the restore point from the next menu that would get you to the latest Restore Point options by giving you a number of options. Once you click the date to which you wish to restore your system to, you can click Next again. The system automatically restores your system to a previous date that you have selected from a number of available options and then restarts automatically.

Log on the administrator as on reboot and the system restore Restoration Complete page is displayed. You can click and move on. It is expected that you might come up with a very smooth experience once you restore your system to a previous point. If you are encountering no problem at all, you can continue with the restored version. You still have the liberty to undo a system restore getting you to the state from which you restored your system to the restore point. This would help you get your computer in the desired tone.
You can easily reverse the restoration by going to the same menu in Start menu, Accessories and then System Tools. Follow the System Restore option and you would land to the main screen. Here you can undo the previous restoration in order to get back to the original snapshot.

Windows XP Restore option gives you complete liberty on your system making it a nice experience working.