In this tech savvy era, people are keen to get their work done wit the help of their computers. A computer is just like technical home for the user and helps solve even toughest problem is an easy way. Since people try every effort to keep their tech savvy home secure. The security is mainly enabled by creating a password for the windows at its entrance, so as to prevent any kind of intrusion.

But at times one meets with such a situation where there is nothing but a bunch of frustration and irritation. This is when you lose the key to your tech savvy home that is you lose the password of your users’ account and that nothing but windows password. Since one has to remember a dozen passwords, hence a mess takes place leading to a wired situation where you get the entire detail hybrid that deprives you off from re-creating the password for yourself.

But, you need not worry any more or become a victim of frustration that is you have an answer to the above question.

You can for retrieving your lost password and by following some easy and simple steps.

Before you delve in to your work keep in mind to have a proper Windows XP CD.


Step one

Start your computer by inserting the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM of your computer or your laptop. You can also insert a flash drive in the USB port of your computer if you have the Windows XP installed in a USB flash drive.

Step two
When you start your computer, a message will be prompted saying that “Press any Key to boot from the CD”, hit any key using keyboard and to go to setup window of XP.

Step three

On the prompted screen you will see that the setup will check your system files and will load the required file to continue further. In the bottom of your screen you’ll see a message prompt showing checking files *.dll etc.

Step four

Then after a while of the above step, a blue screen will be prompted and there you will have the options written to choose from. By pressing “Enter” you will be able to enter in to the windows setup. Then a prompt will ask you to go for an Agreement by accepting the license being jotted. By pressing “F8” you can proceed further. Then in the prompted screen choose the “Repair” option by hitting the “R” key using your keyboard which you can find on the setup screen.

Step five

Once you hit the “R” key, the setup will take at least a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process. After the process a prompt will be shown saying that the computer will re-boot in 10 to 15 seconds.

Step six

When you reboot your system you’ll see a message saying “Installing Devices”. When you see the latter press “Shift+F10” and a command will be prompted allowing you to access to the number of your system’s functions

Step seven

In the prompted window, type “NUSRMGR.CPL” and hit “Enter”. This will allow an access on the graphical basis to the “Users account” tab in the “Control Panel”.

Step eight

Choose the account whose password you long to change. Complete the process of retrieving the window’s password.