It is always important to safe the browser with password, if you are not using passwords or strong passwords; any one can hack the webpage. Most of the browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox gives you an option to see the passwords you are using. Thy save the passwords and you can see the saved passwords anytime when you forget the password. To get back the saved passwords from the system, you have to manage the user name and passwords on the system.

To retrieve the internet password from your computer, just follow the instructions given below:

There are several browsers available today and most of them prompt you to save passwords.

To retrieve passwords in Google Chrome:


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available today. It is very easy to use and has very good user interface. It always reminds you to save passwords or when you forget the passwords. First step is to open the browser and then click on the wrench icon. It allows entering in the setting option, now click on the options.


In the option window just click on the personal stuffs tab. Just check there that offer to save passwords is selected. Now on the password window you can see the lists of websites, now just select the websites from which you want to retrieve the passwords. Now click on the show passwords option and you will get top see all the passwords, now the button will read hide passwords.

To retrieve passwords from internet explorer

Internet explorer does not give you an option to see the saved password. You have to download a small application to retrieve the password; the name of this application is IE PassView. When you install this application it will automatically show you all the auto-complete passwords available in the browser.

To retrieve passwords in Mozilla Firefox

It is very simple and easy task to retrieve passwords in Firefox. It is like child act means if you know how to use mouse, you can retrieve the passwords in Firefox. Just open the Firefox browser and go to tools option. When you click on the tools option you will go to options. When you click on the option, you will be moved to security then you will see the security window, now click on the show passwords. Now you can see all the passwords saved by the browser.

To recover lost Windows Live password

When you are using the Windows Live Hotmail messenger then you are frequently using passwords. Windows Live itself takes care of the password and it is very easy to get back the lost passwords. You just have to follow the instructions.

The first step is to go to Windows Live Passwords reset page and type the Hotmail address under the Windows Live id. Now you will prompt to use the characters from captcha, carefully see the characters and enter the characters. Now click on continue and answer all the secret questions asked by application, now you will get new password.