To transfer songs from an audio CD to your PC, Windows Media Player has the Rip feature that makes this possible. It allows you to easily copy your favorite songs from an audio CD, a process referred to as ripping. Windows Media Player will save a copy of all the ripped files from your audio CD into its Library from where you can easily access them. To rip your music files from an audio CD:

The Procedure

  • Put your audio CD in the CD drive
  • Even though you could rip your music in their original default settings, you can also choose to have them ripped in any other format e.g. MP3, different bit rate by variety, click the rip settings, Audio Quality or Format and change them accordingly.
  • You can eliminate the songs you don’t want to copy to your Library by clicking the check box next to the file you want omitted.
  • Commence your CD ripping by clicking Rip CD icon, when your Windows Media Player is working or when in Player Library, simply click on the Rip CD icon.

For efficient ripping, it is advisable to rip your CD with an internet connection. What this does is enable the player find additional information online on the files you are ripping, for instance, the names of the tracks your are ripping, artists or even name of the albums. Once your tracks have been successfully ripped, the player keeps them in its Music Library on your hard drive.  Once your CD has been ripped, you can play the files or even burn them in a different CD or DVD or copy them to a portable media player.

Edit Item Information after ripping

Windows Media Player allows you to edit the information in your tracks after ripping them. Simply connect to the internet to find the missing information for a track if you ripped without a connection. However, you can as well do the editing manually. Simply go to the files you ripped, right click on the album and choose Find album information. However, sometimes the player might reply with an error message requiring you to change your privacy settings. Simply click organize, options and in your privacy tab, choose update music files check box. From the displayed results, choose the entries that meet your requirements for a track and automatically update the files. If the information displayed is not what you wanted, repeat the search with different criterion. Note that some albums may not be available for download and in such cases; Windows Media Player may give a result of a generic album that is not what you want.

Start the procedure by accessing Windows Media Player from your programmes if it’s not open, but if it’s already open, simply go to rip and perform the procedure. However, the player will automatically open your rip CD in Now Playing mode when you put the CD in the drive.

Windows Media Player lets you rip your audio CD files into your PC at no extra hassles. Other than the procedures outlined above, the player is user friendly and will hint at possible actions incase you encounter any challenges. But this should not ocur if the above steps are keenly followed.