This, as initially they expected, will send sometimes in end 2003 as the insignificant step between Windows XP Blackcomb, which was planned in order to be the following main operating production of the system of company. Gradually, “longhorn” assimilated many of the important new special features and the technologies, outlined for Blackcomb, leading to the release date, pushed up conversely several times. To many of the developers Microsoft also repeatedly was assigned work in order to build changes to Windows XP and Windows Of server 2003 in order to strengthen safety.  Being encountered the continuous delays and problems about the special feature creep, Microsoft, about which they declare on August 27, 2004, that this reexamined its plans. The original longhorn, based on Windows the source text XP, was reviewed, and the development of longhorn, begun again, being based on the official packet Windows Of server of 2003 1 codebase, and repeatedly including only special features, which will be intended for the actual operating production of system. Some special features, about which preliminarily they declare, the type of win-FS were lowered or postponed, and the new methodology of the development of software, named the development of safety, Lifecycle it was included on in order to turn to the problems with the safety Windows of codebase, which was programmed in C, C and meeting.

After longhorn called prospect Windows in July 2005, the unprecedented program of running test was neglected, implicating hundreds of thousands of volunteers and companies. In September that year, Microsoft began to let out the regular preliminary surveys of the technology of association to the testers of beta- version. The first of them was disseminated at 2005 conferences of the developers of the professional of Microsoft, and was subsequently released to the testers of beta- version and the subscribers of developer Microsoft’s network. The structure, which followed, included the majority of the planned special features of end product, just as many changes to the user interface, based to a considerable degree on the feedback from the testers of beta- version. Prospect Windows was considered the complete special feature of the release “of February CTP”, released on February 22, 2006, and the large part of the remainder of the work between this is built, and the final release of product was concentrated on the stability, the index, the statement and the compatibility of driver, and the documentation. Betas 2, released in the end of May, was first in order, they build to be those given to wide strata of society through the program of the preliminary survey of the client of Microsoft. This was loaded more than five million people. Two candidates release followed in September and October, both of which were given to a large quantity of users.

Copying the CDs, which use a prospect Windows, operating system is the past time, with which the majority of computer users is familiar. This can easily to be made in the essential time with the use of a player the media Windows of 10 sonic platforms of reproduction.

Open the Windows Media Player 10. Click two times on “the Windows Media Player 10” by the icons, which must be located on the table screen of your computer. (If you do not see icon, if you please you will be turned to the additional resources below.)

When the Windows Media Player 10 is opened, place CD, you desire to copy into the door of disk drive for the CDs of computer. Shut door and make it possible to computer to reveal CD. As soon as CD is discovered, the list of song for the CD will appear in the average glass of the Windows Media Player 10. Press on the calculation of the action “of break”, as soon as the list of the song of CD appears in the average glass of the Windows Media Player 10. (Gap simple it indicates to copy songs from the CD.) you will see that the final estimator of time appears at the correct side of each song, giving to you the ability to see the advance of the process of break. When the process of break is complete, you will banish CD, opening the door of disk drive for the CDs. Put commander. As soon as commander is discovered by computer, they press on “being burnt” calculation of action in the main navigation menu. “Being burnt” glass- will appear on the correct side of screen. You will illuminate the torn songs from the CD. Pull the illuminated region to “being burnt” glass on the correct side of screen. Burn songs to commander. (Combustion – technical terminology in order to copy songs to commander.), as soon as songs are enumerated in “being burnt” glass, they press on “the beginning, the plait” action in the base of the list of song. Commander will banish the automatically, as soon as being burnt process it is complete.