Windows 7 is another version of Microsoft Windows, which was developed by the Microsoft.   It was RTM or released to manufactured on July 2009 and was available for retail market on 22 October 009.  Windows 7 is a computer system which is very much applicable for use in desktops, net books, tablet, PCs, laptops, etc.      By regular upgrading the Windows 7, it will prevent computer viruses, spy ware and other application or computer systems’ viruses that will give major problems in computer working conditions.

Easy Steps on How to Run Windows Update in Windows 7

  1. Of course, you have to open first the “Start” , then the Windows Update;
  2. In “Windows Update”, you have to select in the different list you wanted to open;
  3. Choose and click the  “Check for Updates”, which is classified important and optional;
  4. Choose and click the “Important Update” and all the need to apply;
  5. Then, click the “OK”;
  6. Go to the “”Optional Update” and again choose all the need to apply;
  7. Click, “OK”;
  8. Last step, is to choose and click the “Install Updates”” of Windows 7, downloading/installing  the important chosen updates;
  9. Once the installing is completed, reboot your computer.

If you are interested on the regular running of Windows Updates of Windows 7, all you have to do is have the automatic updating open.   The importance or benefits on how to run Windows Update in Window 7 is you can do it by yourself without seeking the services of by the computer technicians or programmers. You can have the necessary updating of your programs whenever the latest Window will be available.  Updating will have provide and improve security and dependability.

By setting the not so crucial computer concerns one must be studying and learning the updating applications. On how to run Windows Update in Window 7, it can develop your knowledge through minor computer trouble shootings by understanding different Microsoft’s latest updates through browsing and visiting regularly the Microsoft websites.
The good thing on leaving the automatic updating open is, it provides history for you to enable to learn of which latest updates were already installed and the date of the installation.  But do not always rely on the automatic updating.  Try to do it manually for sometimes there will be some problems that will affect while installing the updates, internet connection for one.

Some few tips for fixing minor updating process:

  1. First, be sure that your computer is free from any viruses;
  2. Be sure, the internet connection is doing all right for you to browse other websites.  This is one of the major factors that can give some difficulties in using the computer;
  3. Then close the different programs installed and start the computer. Be sensitive and alert to any computer programs or applications that could trigger the problem/s;
  4. Choose the update/s you need and search in the Microsoft websites.  This will help you to search the details, information and step by step instructions on how to install manually.

If you are still having some difficulties on how to run Windows Update in Window 7, there will be no choice but to seek the professional service of a computer technician or programmer to avoid more big and complicated technical trouble.