While working on computer you should always take care of one thing that all your files are saved accurately and they are not misplaced. It is very important to manage and save files properly so that you can use them in future easily. If you have saved your file and don’t remember where you saved it then it can cause problem in future to find the file again. You need to take care of one thing that the files that you save are accurately saved and are with complete extension so if you need them in future, they run properly. You can try to manage all data properly for your future needs.

Saving a file in Word

When we talk about saving a file then almost the process to save a file in windows is same. If you are working in MS word then it is very simple to save a file. In MS word 2003 or older versions you can just simply click on “FILE” a drag down menu will appear locate word save and a new windows will open up in front of you. Give this file a name and click save to save the file. However if you are using MS word 2007 then you can see Microsoft logo on top left corner of your word window. Click on this window and then click on save button to save the file.

Knowing extension of saved files

It is not just about saving a file you also need to know that what is the file extension i.e. in which format your file is saved. If we consider above example then we see that when you save a file while working in MS word 2003 or older version then it is saved with an extension of .doc. on the other hand when you save a file using MS word 2007 it will save file with extension of .docx this is new extension introduced by Microsoft. However MS word 2007 also gives you the option to save the file in older extension versions.

Managing saved files

Data management is very important in any field. While saving your file you should take care of one thing that you not only save your files but also manage them in a good way so that if ever you need them in future you can have access to them easily. You can do one thing in order to make file management easy for you. You can save you files in different folders and make sure that these folders specify the characteristics of that file. Once you are done with this process then you can have access to your files easily.

Hence saving a file is not a big deal in windows and if we start describing all features in one post then it will be impossible to explain each and every thing. Each software and program has different file saving features and each program has its own extensions to identify files.