If you are looking to work more efficiently with your computer in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Internet Explorer then the keyboard shortcuts is a perfect match for you. Let us discuss the quick computer shortcuts to save your precious time.

I. Driving around the desktop.

1. To select the icon, file, or a folder type the first letter of its name, press the key over and again until your cursor lands on the file you want.

2. To search for a file or a folder simply press F3 for it.

3. To rename a file or a folder highlight the file and press F2 and type the new name.

4. To display the Start menu press the Windows key on the keyboard or press Ctrl + Esc.

5. To scroll between the open windows press Alt + Tab to scroll and then release the keys on the desired window.

II. Working with Microsoft Word

1. To select some text use Shift + Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow to select text.

2. To Copy the selected text use Ctrl + C.

3. To Cut selected text use Ctrl + X.

4. To Paste selected text use Ctrl + V.

5. To Undo your action use Ctrl + Z.

6. To Select the entire content of your document Press Ctrl + A.

7. To make the text bold, select the text and then press Ctrl+B

8. To Italicize the text, select the text and press Ctrl+I

9. To underline the selected text press Ctrl+U

10. To decrease the font size by one size, select the text and press Ctrl+Shft+<.

11. To Increase the font size by one point, select the text and press Ctrl+Shift+>

12. To change the font of the selected text using the dialog box, press Ctrl+Shift+F.

13. To change the font size using the Fint dilog box, select the text and press Ctrl+Shift+P.

14. To insert a page break take your cursor to the desired line and press Ctrl+Enter

15. To open a new document press Ctrl+N

16. To save a document for the first time or subsequent changes press Ctrl+S

19. To print the current document press Ctrl+P

III. Accelerating MS Excel.

1. Use TAB to move from right to left between cells.

2. Use up and down arrow keys to move up and down.

3. Use Backspace in current editable cell to erase the data.

4. To return to the first column just press Home.

5. To enter today’s date in any cell just press Ctrl+;

6. To enter current time in any cell just press Ctrl+Shift+;

8. To initiate spell check in Microsoft Excel press F7.

9. Press Ctrl+Shift+~ to apply the general format on any cell.

IV. Shortcuts to navigate through Internet Explorer.

1. Press Ctrl+D to add the current site to your favorites list.

2. Selecting a home page. Open up the Tools menu and select Internet Options, then Under Home page, click Use Current.

The more you are familiar to these tools and shortcuts, the more time you will save.