Sending an important document across either for personal or professional purposes, when you cannot rely on speed post or fax, the best way and the most convenient is to scan the document to your computer running on Windows Vista and send it as an email attachment. If you have a scanner-enabled printer; it is easy to scan the confidential document to your Windows Vista running personal computer.

Things you need

Before you can scan a document that is confidential; you need to have access to a printer that enables you to scan the document. Or you can also have an additional scanner that is connected to your computer; ensure that the drivers are compatible and both scanner and computer recognise each other. To install updated drivers, you can either run the scanner or printers CD or download the drivers from the manufacture’s website.

You also need to ensure that Windows Vista Firewall allows input from you scanner or printer to your computer; if not disable the Windows Vista firewall temporarily when you are scanning the document.

Scan the document

Depending on what type of scanner you choose, scan the document either using the flatbed or the feeder. Once the scanner begins scanning the document; it will automatically detect your computer and the send file. You can opt to save the file either as a PDF file (recommended) or as a .jpg file (which is a picture file). You can open the document on the computer from Windows Vista Photo Gallery. However, while scanning ensure the scanner screen is clean, other wise the scanned output maybe not clear; also ensure you place the document face down so the flatbed can read the written side of the document; it frequently happens that you scan a black document.

Photo gallery

Windows Vista has in-build photo gallery that will display all the pictures that is saved on your computer. You can choose to scan the document directly from there by choosing file and then select Import from camera or scanner. Select your printer or scanner and click on Import. Once the image is imported it will be saved under the New Scan box. You can also adjust the quality of the document by either brightening or choosing to scan as black and white for better clarity.  You can safe the file and tag it with a new name and now attach the file or save to a specified folder.

If you do not have a scanner or printer you can always scan the document elsewhere and save it onto a thumb or pen drive and then follow the same steps in Photo Gallery of your Windows Vista PC and attach it to the email. This way is not just cost effective but also ensures, high quality output, since you have the opportunity to rescan or adjust the output with brightness or going black and white. All you need to do now is attach the file to your email and send to whom you want, with compete assurance that it will confidentially reach the recipient.