Surfing the Internet can be a lot easier and more efficient using the Windows Internet Explorer 7 and the latest Windows Internet Explorer 8. It is true that finding and surfing the net could be frustrating due to its large collection of sources and the many fake keywords that have been used just to attract trafficking and be on the top page ranks of search engines. But knowing how to reach more efficiently will be able to make it easier for you.

Making use of the search box is one of the most convenient things to do in order to search better. Simply type the words that you want to research on then press enter. If you want to have the results of this research to be displayed in another tab, just press ALT then ENTER. Moreover, you can proceed to the search box without the usage of mouse by pressing CTRL then letter E.


You can also use the Internet Explorer Address bar. But if you are using this, you would need to have a website name to make it more effectively. Some tips are necessary for an effective search. You could have more efficient search results by being detailed with the words. You shouldn’t be general with the search, use proper nouns as much as possible. Moreover, if you are researching on a phrase or a quotation, you should use a quotation mark for it. You could also use a (-) sign so as you could exclude the words that are not included. This would make your search more specific. You could also use synonymous words. Some websites may have used the alternative words. This will give you more search options. You can also use a specific site that is related to what you are researching or you could also use a special search provider. The good thing about Internet Explorer is that it is capable of detecting specialty search providers.

The next option that you could do is to use two or more search providers. This will give you a wider range of sources. Moreover, with the Internet Explorer, you can navigate a lot easier from one search provider to another provider. In the Internet Explorer 7, you could just use the arrow next to the search box and choose a provider by clicking it. In the case of the Internet Explorer 8, there are search provider icons that are available just below the search box.

In searching for words and phrases when you are already in the specific website, how do you specifically do it? You could navigate the page by using the find function below the page. Press CTRL then the letter F to make use of this function. When you enter the word, all the similar words in the page will be highlighted. Both, Internet Explorer 7 and 8 have the same process. The only difference of the two is that the latest version has the Options tab where you can choose to match the whole word only or use match case.

Searching words and phrases using the Internet Explorer can be easy given that you know what to do and how to do it. Try the tips given beforehand and search more effectively and efficiently.