Wireless technology has brought ease in our daily life. Gone are the days when we had to be worried about the network cabling and be stuck at one corner of the house to be connected to internet. Wireless network provide us mobility and flexibility to be connected to the Internet. However, these facilities also bring the vulnerabilities. Wireless network is prone get hacked easily if not configured appropriately. You should always make a secured wireless network using WEP or WPA technology. A wireless router can be configured using WEP or WPA encryption method which makes your Wi-Fi connection protected and secure. WPA is the latest and robust wireless encryption technology which was designed after understanding the shortcoming of WEP. WPA provides high-security with functionalities like authentication, passkey assignment, etc to make the Wi-Fi network more secure.

Linksys is the leading company n wireless router development and manufacturing. They develop router for home users and business users.

Here are some simple steps to make a secure Wi-Fi connection using Linksys wireless router:


Open the Linksys setup page by typing the default gateway address (or routers IP Address) in the address bar on Internet Explorer. This will open a credential box and will ask for the user name and password to access the router configuration page.


Now you need to enter the user name and password for the Linksys router. Mostly the default user name and password is provided by manufacture and Linksys router’s default user name should be blank and password is “Admin”. So if you are setting the network first time, leave the username field as lank and type “Admin” in the password box and click enter.


Select the “Wireless” tab at the top of the screen and then click on “Wireless security” option. This will load a new screen.


Under “Wireless security” screen, select the drop list option “WPA Personal”. Now from the “WPA Algorithms”, choose “TKIP” option.


Once these configurations are done, you will need to set the password of your choice which will be used to connect your wireless network. Think of a unique password and type it in the “WPA Shared key” field.


The other major point in this page is to leave the “Group key personal” setting as it is. You are not required to change anything under this option and by default the value should be 3600. This value denotes the rate at which your computer refreshes the encryption key provided to connected computers.

These simple steps can take all your worried away and make your Wi-Fi network secure and robust, however you should always keep this in mind to not to share your password with anyone you do not trust and you should always keep changing the password in regular intervals.