With enhancement in technology, things have undergone a drastic change. We have seen that computer world is always under the process of innovation with things getting altered and renewed with in a short span of time. We have seen the network connection criteria have undergone a severe change from dial-up connection to broadband and nowadays we have Wi-Fi enabled systems.  Earlier broadband or the network connection used to be via Ethernet cable, but now things have changed.

Today we have the wireless form of connection in to play, where in you can access to internet using an un-wired means of connection called the “Wireless Internet connection”.  The Wireless Internet is mainly through a router which sends the wireless signal throughout and thus allows us to connect through our device using the Wi-Fi mode in them or wireless form connection in our computers. Wireless connection is makes our access to the “Internet” much easier, simpler and convenient at the same time. Bu as we know when you have merits with wireless connection, you will have de-merits also indicted with them like they do share a common source of risks, which is nothing but outside intrusion.

For which you need to secure your Network Access, which is just like closing the door of your house with a better means which is nothing but a lock of robust quality.

But, an unsecured network is mainly at the risk by the hackers and intruder who can bring a streak of havoc in your life, personal data and wireless mode of connection.

However, many a time people allow hacker to intrude simply because they don’t know how they can secure their network access using the wireless connection mode.


Step one

Initially, get the passwords changed to something which is very unique, rather go for encrypted form of password and remember that the password must be known by you only or the one who creates it. Mostly routers’ have an automatic key which is subjected to be universal such as “password” or “username” for username. Such types make it a piece of cake for the hackers or intruders to access in to. Instead, get the password changed to something which an alphanumeric kind and leaves a very small streak of being hacked or intruded.

Step two

Check the router to see if it allows you to go for reduction of its range wireless signal. If yes, then make such adjustments to its “settings” so that signal only rotates with in the premises of your home.

Step three

The walls of your office and home can be painted with especial Wi-Fi blocking paint. Since these special paints contain entity that are actually required to block Wi-Fi signals from being transferred  or transmitted through the walls of your home or office and thus, allows you to keep your “Wireless Internet Network” secure through a physical means.

Step four

Get the wireless signal encrypted and rather use WEP form encryption to ensure maximum security of your Wireless network.