Wireless connections are given more importance today. We can easily connect our computer to a network without any need of an Ethernet cable or an optic fiber. Router’s nowadays are introduced with this facility. They can send wireless signals. As these wireless networks are helpful at the same time they are vulnerable to intervention by outsiders. The same thing applies with your D-Link Wireless Network. Thus to prevent such type of intervention we need an ample preventive measure. Can you help your D-Link Wireless Network to overcome such intrusion? What you have to do to prevent intrusion?

Yes, you can easily help you D-Link Wireless Network to overcome it and just you have to follow certain measures.

Step one: Open your web browser and type this IP address “” in the web address bar and press “Enter”.

Step two: To login in to D-Link configuration panel type your “Username” and “Password”. However, the default keeps the username as “Admin” and password bar blank.

Step three: To prevent any intrusion, change the username and password so as to ensure more security.  To do so, in the D-Link configuration panel click on the “Tools” option from the menu followed by selecting “Admin”. While you are in the “Administration Settings” create your new username and password. Click on “Apply” to save changes.

Step four: By clicking on the “DHCP” (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) link below the “Home” tab. enter the IP addresses of those computers whose access you long through your router. To save the IP addresses entered click on the “Apply” option.

Step five: For the identification of your wireless network, enter a name in the “SSID” (Service Set Identifier) field. You can reach over here by simply clicking the “Wireless” link below the tab of “Home”.

Step Six: Under the “Security” option, choose the “WPA” option. Choosing “WPA” holds dominance over “WEP” because WPA is more secure and can’t be a victim of intrusion over WEP. Moreover “WPA” ensures the highest security for your D-Link Wireless Network. For accessing your wireless network create a WPA password. To ensure maximum and highest level of security put alphanumeric password and if special symbols are also used then it just acts like butter over bread. For future usage, ensure you get your password inscribed safely, for in case you forget it or lose it. Once you are done with your settings click on the “Apply” tab so as to save your settings.

Step Seven: One of the most important tasks to be done after your above settings are complete is an additional measure for security. One can install widely used firewall programs like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, NOD 32 and Zone Alarm etc. These programs will create a firewall thus supporting any outside intrusion by creating a “Firewall”.

D-Link Wireless Network is the best means of meeting our important networking and internet needs. But, certain important measures are very necessary to prevent any outside intervention. Explore and apply the above mentioned measure before any an outside intruder sends a chill down your spine.