Evolution and development of technology has blessed us with effective solutions to security of the PC. There are various aspects of security. To make information in the system secure it is first important to analyze the threats to the system. The information is prone to corruption, theft, disaster and hacking and all of them need to be dealt in different ways. Even if there are plenty of ways of making information secure however not everyone is aware of all of the m which leads to be a complete mess of the system’s information and in turn leading to a lot of loss which can never be retained. The below steps are to secure the PC from threats all around:

  • While installing an operating system check on its vulnerability

With wide options of operating systems available, one must check on the operating system which could allow the highest security and has been build up with least vulnerability. Also make sure that you get the operating system updated with the updates.

  • Select on a web browser which is less vulnerable

The major source of insecurity is the web browser, therefore one must cautiously choose on the web browser which is less vulnerable. Disable the scripts so that the security is at the peak.

  • Set up passwords with care

While setting up password for evens the smallest resource be sure that the password strength is strong and the password has enough special characters as passwords are exposed to attacks.

  • Programs must be downloaded from trusted sources

Whether it is an antivirus, firewall or a game, every software must be downloaded from trusted sites to ensure security. Moreover at regular intervals the anti spy ware and anti malware must be run so that they could prevent your important data from loss.

  • Install competent security software’s

It is extremely essential to have anti virus soft wares from reputed names. As companies like Norton mc café are endorsed with expertise experience, could be the most trusted accompanies of the system.

  • Do install a firewall

Firewall block unauthorized access and thus firewall must be installed so that it does not get accessed by any third party. Router adds on to the security by getting router firewall.

  • Close the open port , perform penetrate testing and intrusion detection software

Closing the ports would not let hackers use the ports to get the access of the system. The penetration test also helps in scanning the system for any possible and potential threats. The intrusion detection software check on any kind of interruptions.

  • Use encryption for you account

To prevent people use your account, set a password for your account so that none except you could use your account.

Do not use external hard driver, personal media or USB for important information as it opens the doors to vulnerability. If you desire to know more on security do a course at hacker high school.