How to Secure Your Wireless home Network without Passwords

The security of a home wireless network is very important. Everyone wants a seamless and secure network all the time. Passwords are the most used option for security. But sometimes it is very annoying to play with those long passwords. Now you can secure your home network without using passwords. There is an easy way to protect your network without using passwords. Often most of the people overlook this way of protection, this is to use MAC address filter.

Steps to secure home wireless network with the use of MAC address filter

In every device it may be a printer, network card or USB device has a unique MAC address. MAC address is an acronym of media access control address. The unique address is a 16 digit address in the format 00:1d:e5:7h:3f:8h:0g:3a. First decide which item you want on your network every device has a unique address. To get the unique MAC address you just have to go to each computer. First step is to open run command and type ipconfig/all, when you enter it will list the entire network adapter. You just have to get the MAC address of the wireless card. To get the MAC address of the wireless adapter, just see the sticker on the device. List all the devices, you want on your network and get their MAC address. You may get on their sticker and in the case of game consoles; you have to find it on network configuration screen. Now you are done with collection of all the MAC addresses, go to control panel using the IP address of the format Now go to the advanced network configuration, and apply the filters. But we recommend you to collect and ensure about each MAC address and before applying filters on your computer, just be sure about adding the MAC address on the computer.

Now you have to add your own computer address by clicking on the clone MAC address and doing same trick, you can add other devices also on the home wireless network. Now you are finished with adding all the Mac address on the network, just enable the MAC address filter. Now your home network is secure without passwords, disable all the passwords. No one can add their personal device without enabling the MAC address. Now just relax because your home wireless network is secure without passwords.

Tips and warnings

These instructions are surely going to help you, but you have to keep some points in mind while doing so. Try to ignore non- wireless devices while enabling the Mac address filter. By doing so, it will always allow you to connect to the router. We recommend you to leave one device disabled, you can test MAC filters on that device and you can also add the device when you want.  Before enabling the MAC filter, first ensure that your own computer is added to the network. After enabling the MAC filter, you are not allowed to connect your computer.