From Arpanet to Intranet and from Intranet to Internet, the evolution of Internet brought about a revolution in the world. An era of IT and communication was  born out of this revolution. The revolution in which Internet access saw a new definition and the word “approach” towards the internet access completely altered. Earlier the approaches were like dial-up connection, Ethernet cable and then knocked the world of “Wireless Network”. Although, the “Wireless” network era looked for its worth, but the worthy wireless network has dozen of evil eyes on it. Evil eye balls can be in the form of a hacker, malicious programmer or software developer.

Is there an answer to such menacing elements? Yes there is, you have a bundle of methods to abridge such intrusions.


Step one

Access your router’s homepage by typing its IP (Internet Protocol) address of your router in the address bar of your web browser. The IP address for different company routers is different and they must be somewhat of this kind like or etc. When you hit the above mentioned IP address a window will be prompted. This window will ask you to enter the username and password of your router. If the router adheres to default settings then the username will be “ADMIN” and the password will be “ADMIN”.

Step two

Find out the basic wireless settings on the prompted homepage and Hit the (Wireless Network name) that is the SSID. Disable the SSID wireless broadcasting channel and thereby, choose a proper mode of wireless channel.

Step three

Now you will go for encryption for which you will be required again to visit the wireless security tab and choose the WPA or WEP encryption format. Bear in mind WPA is the better security mode as compared to WEP one and choose the 64 or 128 bit encryption. Enter a password or pass phrase that will serve as key when you will be installing the wireless network software on your system. An alphanumeric WPA or WEP key must be created and changes must be saved or applied.

Step four

Now you are going to find out the MAC address of your network which you can find this ways. Click on “Start” then “All programs” tab and followed click on the “Accessories” tab. In the menu prompted you will find the “Command Prompt” tab click on that. A on the prompted window type “ipconfig/all” and track the physical address of your network, that will be the MAC address for your computer. Find the MAC address entering bar from the wireless network and check the “restrict” access option.

Step five

Disable the remote management or administration by click on the management or administration tab under the “settings” section of your router.

If you have followed the above process properly, then ensure that your wireless network will then remain secure. All you need to do is to install the wireless software, enter the WPA or WEP key and enjoy surfing.