Wireless network is a concept which wiped off the need of cabling from the network architecture instead allowed portability by bringing absolutely cable free environment. Wireless network has got significant importation in ever dimension of life. Whether the information is required to be sent overseas or with in the city, it has turned out to be the most reliable mode. It has even become the most inexpensive mode of communication. It has developed a world which no longer is abides by any physical mode. There is a lot that has been developed in the area of networks and set ups in the last few decades and there are companies who are working together to bring up few more advanced benefits. With the immense demand each one of us wish to have wireless network at home to make our jobs easy and portable However if you had been bothered of security of the network. The step by step instruction would help you set up on a secure network:

  • Access the Router’s page

Every router comes along with a router page. For every manufacturer the address of the page is different. Therefore to access the page, it is essential to know the address. Open the page with the address of the router.

  • Enable the security settings in the router

The wireless connections are very prone to outside threats and access from other networks. Therefore to make it secure, 128 bits or more encryption is perfect. There is different encryption password as WEP which means wireless encryption password and WPA as wireless password authentication is comparatively stronger than WEP and thus it is essential that WPA is set. Moreover WPA1 is less in strength than that of WPA2.Therfeore if you look out to get enough strength follow WPA2.

  • Set up a password for the router’s access

The router firmware page must also have the security assigned by assigning a password. If you do not have security to your router firmware page it is quite possible that somebody can check on your network settings and can threaten it. If in case you forget the password you could quickly does a factory rest of the router which would help you in retaining the password? Always follow a password which consists of special characters as it makes the password strength to be strong.

  • Set up on the service set identifier

SSID is the name of the network you are setting up and thus ensure that you change the name of your network from the default network. Even though there are not much of significance of SSID into security but it helps in identifying the network.

  • Configure MAC address filtering

MAC address filtering would add additional security to the network where the machine address of every device in the network is noted and any other device would be scanned for network access.

  • Never disable the SSID broadcast

Disabling of the SSID does not make your network visible for others however for hackers it is still possible to check out on networks and they can hack over it. it would anyone to impersonate the router with the SSID and check out on your credentials.

  • Disable remote login and wireless administrating

The remote login lets the hackers get access to the system and therefore must be disabled to be less prone to threats. Most importantly as the remote administrating option gives the user the benefit to access the router remotely and change the settings, wireless administrating must be turned off in all circumstances.

Always read through the router’s manual so that you could have a better understanding of the security features of the router.