Hacking is an inelegant practice of taking on somebody’s computer and its information. Undoubtedly it is an offense and should never be followed. However it is the one strong challenge with which the whole world is resisting and struggling hard. Even though there are securities but the hackers have break through of almost every security. Therefore it is important to have the strongest security settings and configuration so that our precious data is never at stake. Whether it is workplace or home, we deal in data and information. However there is always a probability of information threat if we do not have the precautionary measure before. People install firewalls, Internet securities as weapons. However the most vital step is to understand the significance of knowledge of the network system and the possible threats. The steps below help in protecting our information from hackers.

  • Check on a port scanner to know on ports of the system

Post scanner helps in detecting the open ports in the system that are prone to threats. It is also important to have the programs up to date to give right information.

  • Keep regular back up of the data

It is extremely essential to have back up of the information after every interval. The back up of the data ensures that you have a copy of information and under any circumstance your data would not be at loss.

  • Use encryption to add on to security

There is plenty of encryption software available online. If you hold important information on the system it is important to have the encryption applied on the data so that they get an upper hand on security measures.

  • Use antivirus and keep them updating

Make sure that you have antivirus loaded on the system. Most importantly just installing the anti virus do not solve the purpose but it needs to be updated often so that it functions properly.

  • Use anti adware,spyware,intrusion detection software and firewalls

The programs like software intrusion program, anti ad ware spy ware and firewall help in adding extra security to the network and thus it is extremely important to have them loaded on the system s and updating them after every interval.

  • Confirm the right wireless protocols

Check out on the correct wireless protocols so that you could get the assurance that the wireless set up is secure and not prone to threat.

  • Do not ignore an unsolicited mail or a Spam

It is human errors to avoid unsolicited mails which lead to harm of the system later therefore keep your eyes wide open if you get an alert and follow the right ways to fight against.

  • Get assistance from a System specialist

If it is difficult to keep a pace with all the essentials to avoid security threats, hire personnel who could assist in this regard.
Never open emails from people you do not know of and keep security patches updating the system security software’s.