Wireless network is computer network in which information is transferred without the use of traditional electrical conductors i.e. wires. The Hardware like printers and scanners are also attached to your computer without any system of wires.  Wireless Network is generally associated with Telecommunication Network and hence it is implemented with some type of remote information transmission system that uses electromagnetic waves. This networking is done through routers to forward the information to nearby or distant areas in a complete form.

Routers are the electronic devices to interconnect two or more computers networks and also selectively interchange packets of data between them. Routers, first checks the address in the data packet and then see that the pathway is on the same network or on the other. They select the network as per the requirement of the address and forward the information to its destination. There are different kinds of routers used for different purposes. Wireless Router is one of them and is commonly used to allow access to Internet because of its capability for wireless access point.

Selecting a Wireless Router can be an easy task if you are familiar with some of its basic features. So all you need is, keep in mind the following general points about the Wireless Router:

  • At first you have to see that if your house/building is a small one or a multiple storey. For a small house Wireless-G Router will be useful in respect of needs and range. But, if the house is multi-storey then you will need the Wireless-N Router for its greater range and faster speed. By using this you will be able to reach every computer in the house.
  • Secondly, it should meet your speed needs. Wireless routers have their speed in megabits per second (Mbps). So check for the speed as older WiFi models offers a speed of 11 Mbps, mid-range have ‘G’ have 54 Mbps and the latest ‘N’ Routers claim to have speed up-to 300 Mbps. You must remember that the actual performance is much lower than the maximum rating shown on the package.
  • Thirdly you can check for the models that can compete with your most of the needs. You can check for the best models available through online search and list them. Also check for the warranty it provides with the package. The length and terms of warranties shows how much a manufacturer is committed to support his product.
  • Size, style and the budget are also the key factors determining the selection for a Router. You can ensure about the portability it allows and the style that can make this an attractive addition to the decor. As far as budget is concerned you can shop around to find one with all essential features.

Wireless routers are a real support for Internet and other networks at home as well as in small Enterprises. So while selecting a Wireless Router you must ensure the above points. Some common brands available for purchasing it includes Linksys, Belkin, Netgear etc.