Days are gone when we use to rely on separate Fax machines for sending or receiving fax. Now we can send and receive fax directly from/into our computers. Fax facility has been coming for quite a long time in all the operating systems and it actually has replaced the old bulky Fax machine. Just create a document and send a hard copy of it to someone sitting on the other side of the globe within seconds using the Fax feature. Over here we have described the ways of sending a Fax from within Windows Vista.

The first and the most important thing before you can send a fax is to set up Fax on your computer. To setup fax click on the Start button and then click on All Programs and then select Windows Fax and Scan. Once the window opens click on Fax in the left pane. Next you need to click on the New Fax option so that the Setup Fax Wizard starts. Once the Wizard starts you need to follow the instructions for setting up the Fax on your computer. Wizard will ask you for information like your phone number, area code and the default modem. Make sure that you have a dial-up modem installed on your computer and also have your telephone line connected to it. If you want to skip Creating a Fax then you can click on “I’ll choose late; I want to create a fax now”. This option will let you send Faxes but you will not be able to receive the same. Once you have created a new Fax you are all set to send or receive Fax from your computer.

To send a Fax click on the Start button, then on All Programs, and then on Windows Fax and Scan. When the Window appears click on New Fax option in the toolbar and enter the recipients fax number. The field for entering recipients Fax number is linked with your Outlook of Windows Address book and it can fetch the Fax number of your Recipient from there automatically. After selecting the recipient enter the message or you can paste the document which you want to Fax in the Fax Message box. Once you are through editing the Fax message click on Send and your Fax will be sent via your phone line to the intended recipient.

It is possible that you do not have a dial-up modem on your computer but other computers on your network have the same or your network might have a fax server. You easily can setup your computer to use the Fax server to send and receive Fax for you. This can bed done by creating a new Fax connection and pointing to the other computer. Click on Start and All programs and then on Windows Fax and Scan. Next click on the Tools menu and select Fax Accounts. Click on Add and when the Fax Setup Wizard appears click on “Connect to a Fax Server on My Network”. This will let the Wizard to search for any available Fax server on your network and will establish a connection for you. Once done the Send and receive process would remain the same as you do when you have a modem of your own.