Microsoft Access is famous database program by Microsoft , which allows users to maintain an effective database. There are several versions of MS Access available and this article we will talking about sending automatic emails through MS Access 2003.

Sending automatic emails through MS Acsess is useful when assigning individuals to specific duties/tasks, such as managing the relationship with a new customer or processing a helpdesk ticket. It can be useful because in most of the organizations notifications means to send an email and if you want to send emails to number of persons and if you are dealing with a high volume of notifications, it will be very annoying to create and sending an email outside of your MS access. But there is no need to worry because this application provides you an opportunity to use technology to improve your productivity and in general make your job less worsening.

Microsoft access has an in-built feature that will help you to send automatic emails from MS access only. This feature can be very useful, for example, you are going for a vacation and forget to email the necessary things to your boss. So, you can easily set a reminder in MS access and it will send the saved mail automatically to the recipients.

Now in this article we will teach you how to send automatic emails from MS Access. Just stick to the steps given below:


First step is to open the MS access program then go to MS Access email program.


Now you can write as many emails you want and set them to send automatically. Now you will have save those emails as drafts.


Now after saving the mail in draft, Go into your “Tools” and “Settings” and choose “Automatic email settings.” Now you have to Copy and paste or import the emails into this folder or you can also create them in the folder.


Now to send the mail automatically, set the send dates on the emails. Also include the person who will receive the emails. After that click save and it will sent automatically to the recipient.

Using this service, you can send mails to any number of people at any time. It is very useful for people who travel very often because they can save their emails, set it to any dates and MS access will send it automatically. MS access is used widely for database information and it is also used by sending notifications, so features like this can improve productivity and save time also. It is very important to aware about this feature, so this article can be useful to learn, how to use this feature and increase productivity, So that, you can enjoy your work.