If you are a regular user of Microsoft Word 2003, you might be accustomed to pressing on the Enter key whenever you want to insert a page break. As it is, Microsoft Word 2003 lets you insert a page anywhere on your document by pressing Enter; however, what most people do not know is the fact that you can set Microsoft Word 2003 to insert the page breaks automatically.

Use of Formatting Shortcuts

This is relatively easy to pull off because all you have to do is make use of formatting shortcuts. Formatting Shortcuts are a great feature in Microsoft Word 2003 that enables you save time and energy and focus on your work. The time you spend hitting the enter button repeatedly to insert a page is eliminated as the shortcuts help you out a great deal. You might have noticed when using Microsoft Word 2003 that if you want to insert page breaks manually, by continually pressing enter, it means often that you will have to do some rebreaking of pages as you edit your final word document. However, what this feature does is allow set the positions for word to automatically insert page breaks. It saves you a lot of agony and kind of makes work easier.

To Set a Page Break

To set page breaks when using Microsoft Word 2003 by use of formatting shortcuts, do the following;

To begin with, open the Start menu and go to all programs from where you should be able to access Microsoft Office Word 2003 and open it. Once you have opened Microsoft Word 2003, type a new document or alternatively open a new one by clicking on the File tab and selecting Open. From the availed options, simply pick the file you want to open and open it. Once you have opened your document, determine the place or places you want the page breaks inserted and click just once with your Mouse. While you click at the position of the page break, click at the same time Ctrl and Enter together and the page break will be entered. Immediately the page break has been inserted, your cursor will move to the next page of the document. You have successfully created a page break and won’t have to keep hitting enter whenever you need another. It is that easy.

However, to Create a Section Break

For you to insert a section break into your document you need to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together and immediately a section break will be inserted. Once this is done, as usual your Mouse’s cursor will jump to the next section of the document.

Alternatively, you can create a line break by pressing Shift+Enter simultaneously and a line break will be created immediately. Your cursor will jump to the next line on the document you are working on. Finally, if you want to see a menu listing the different breaks in Microsoft Word 2003 that you can use, simply press Insert+Break and you will be shown the list. Hope you got served!