Dlink has been competitively bringing effective solutions to networks.Wideneing the horizons Dlink has now been able to make a global presence with it business class products like switches, wireless security devices and lot more.Dlink has eventually moved to corporate sector and has got enormous appreciation and endorsements backing their expertise experience’s. D link has also been a pioneer to bring green technology. In the smallest interval of time, Dlink has been able to gear up to the leading companies manufacturing networking devices. If you own a Dlink router and wish to get it firmly installed then apart from the manual guide the following steps could work out to be wonder:

1.Connect the cables to the router and the System
2.Open the configuration page to set up the settings
3.Set up the general settings
4.Assign the network name after the set up
5.Secure the network by assigning password
6.Enhance the security of network by filtering MAC address

Connect the cables to the router and the System

The router needs to be connected to the power outlet with the help of power cable following with the DSL connection by connecting the phone cable. Afterwards the Ethernet cable should be connected to the Ethernet port of the computer and the WAN port of the Dlink router.

Open the configuration page to set up the settings

Every router has an inbuilt configuration page which must be accessed to get access of the router configuration page. The Dlink router page could be accessed by a web browser following the address, the next prompt comes up seeking for username and password. Put in username as admin and the password must be blank.

Set up the general settings

There are few general settings which must be set to assure a smooth working on the router. After opening the access page the first access must be to the tools tab. From the tools tab one would get options of changing the password. Moreover if you do not want to use wireless connection than turn off the wireless LAN from home, wireless tab.

Assign the network name after the set up

SSID also refers to the name of the network you are setting up. Thus to identify your network you must assign an SSID to your set up. To go ahead with it click on home and wireless, under which click on SSID assign a name and apply.

Secure the network by assigning password

WEP key which refers to wireless encryption password. It helps in getting the network secured. If a WEP key is not assigned the network could be accessed and intrude by some other computer therefore it is a must in wireless set up. To follow it go to home open system, authentication and enableWEP.Always set the key type to be ASCII and key should be of thirteen digits.

Enhance the security of network by filtering MAC address

MAC address which means machine address, the filtering of machine address helps in giving access of the network to selective system and restricts any third party access. To set up the filter MAC address, click on advanced, configuration, MAC filters and Only Allow Computers with MAC Address Listed Below to Connect to the Network.