Synchronization is a very well known type to backup or copy the data from one device to another. Whatever the medium is whether it is wired or wireless. Many people think that synchronization is similar to copying a file to one location to another but it is not just it. Synchronization really means the bond between two devices. If any file delete or added to the device synchronized, the changes will effect to the other device.

Since the PC to various devices like cellular phones, iPods, MP3 and many other devices had increased this process of synchronization is spreading like jungle fire. Every second person knows how to synchronize. Usually teenagers, who are fond of music, are well known to the process of synchronization.

Connecting a Device

When you connect your device to the computer it won’t synchronize it because of many restriction and security measures. After the computer detects your device and shows that it is ready to use, the work is in your hand whether you want to synchronize the device or not.

Windows Media Player Settings

Go to the sync button under the title bar and click that button. A cascade window will pop up. Press the portable media device and the go to the set up sync. On clicking the option a window will appear by the title of device setup. Here you see a new thing called playlist. This the unique feature of the window media player that it can organize the song in a list and a numbered manner you want to see. On the right panel you will see your device and the percentage of synchronization. After the playlist of the device is completely synchronize you can add or remove the songs was per wish. Just click at the song and press add button. The song will appear to the available playlist. If you want to organize the song to another playlist as you like to listen to the songs of your mood. Click to the new auto playlist are follow the step to specify the list. To remove the song from either list, whether available or synchronize list, press the remove button.

Re-synchronizing the device.

Now there is one other interesting thing. Under the playlist to sync you will see the shuffle what sync. Whenever you want to upload or copy new song to the device just press this button. All the song in the playlist you have chosen to synchronize will be copied to the device. If these song are there in the device before the will be omitted or if there are new song they will be copied. If you want to remove and delete song from the device just leave they unselected.

The media player will automatically synchronize the device. When you turn of the device or disconnect the device from the computer the files will remain there and you can enjoy the song with an ever lasting fun.

In the modern era, there is no time to loose. Doing the long process of copy and removing the songs from the device and media player. Searching the specific song and removing and coping it to the folder is indeed a harsh task. Synchronization is a very unique and a time saving process.