Through Networking we can not only connect ourselves to the world of “Internet” but also we will have the facility of LAN, WAN and MAN. The most widely used means of connection nowadays is the “Wireless” means. Nowadays, router’s manufacturers give prime importance to the “Wireless” source. Netgear, the gems of “Wireless Networking Hardware” are topping the charts. Wireless Network requires a wireless router, a high speed modem, a computer (high configuration enabled) and subscription to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Netgear allows it’s user to change the wireless router’s security settings in order to shield your online service and protect the data transmitted.

How can you secure your Netgear Wireless Network?

Step one

Get your router installed. To connect your Netgear wireless router to the DSL modem, use an Ethernet cable. Another Ethernet cable is required to connect the router to your computer. Ensure that all of the devices above mentioned are switched off when you connect them. Once, connection is fixed. Turn on your DSL modem followed by the router and then your computer. Remember to switch on the devices in order and allow an ample two minutes for the devices to recognize one another.

Step two

To log in to the router, open your web browser and type router’s address to upload router’s settings. You can find your router’s address on the setup CD or the user guide that came with your router. Mostly Netgear’s router holds the address of this type “”, “” or “”. Once you type in those IP addresses press the “Enter” key of your keyboard.

Step three

To access your router’s settings you will be required to enter the username and password. By default, the password is “password” while the username is “username”. Keep in mind the default username and password must be in lowercase because the textboxes are case-sensitive.

Step four

From the multiple links on the router’s homepage for changing settings find a one and click on the “Security Settings” link to alter the router’s security settings.

Step five

An encryption setting must be chosen and create a password. You actually change the SSID (Security Service Identifier) by choosing the former. By default the SSID of the Netgear’s router network is “NETGEAR” itself. Mostly beginner computer users don’t change the default network name making it more vulnerable to an outside intrusion by the hackers. To distract the hackers you must put a name for your wireless network which you can remember. You must not only change the “network name” but also get other features changed too. To ensure high level of security latest Netgear routers offer WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or a combo of WPA-PSK encryption for security. Any of the encryption types can be selected and a unique password can be created. Hence all users will be required to enter the password before they can log in to wireless network. Keep in mind to create an alphanumeric password. After creating the password click on ‘Confirm Password’ tab to save it. Click on “Apply” to save your settings and log off the router by clicking on the “logout” tab.

Netgear Wireless Security can be easily maintained by keeping the above words in mind. Ensure you drop your novice approach to prevent yourself from any intrusion.