A server is a sole purpose it to provide ample access to the user to Internet and thereby, allow them to communicate with other computers through a robust network. The server is of many types but the most important work which the server is used it to provide its user is ample access and speedy performance. Since high traffic is no doubt is serious issue but some server’s mainly allocate the data at a speed of I GB/sec in order to to tackle the traffic load. However there are all the parts of such a network available in market in order to build such a network and the network can be building accordingly.

A central location must be switched over with gigabyte network switch like a hub or router. Since each computer will be requiring a network line running in to the central location, hence a before hand assurance is a must for turning the setup practically possible. The Ethernet card should be plugged in to the empty port of the switch including the server along with the entire computer available on the network. The cables should be ran to each system and plug in Internet modem Ethernet cable too in to the switch to avail the sharing service.

Plug in the Ethernet cable to each computer as well as to the server and to take maximum merit of ample gigabyte speed, a networking card is capable of handling the gigabyte speed is required. To check your computer’s networking card’s detail. A Microsoft Windows OS user must find it this way. Right-click on the ‘My computer’ icon on your desktop, a dialogue box appears which shows ‘properties’ option at the last, click on ‘properties‘, then a dialogue box appears click on the ‘Hardware Tab’ and you will see certain options on it and then click on the ‘Device Manager’ tab which then display the details of the devices attached to your PC. The ‘Network adapters’ option will give you the detail about the networking card attached to your PC.

After you’re done with plugging in and checking up your network adapter details and the final but the most important step remains to setup your server network in order to enjoy ample and robust facilities on to your network. You have to run the ‘Network Configuration’ wizard, which you can directly find on to your ‘Control panel’. A Windows based user must follow this way, click on start followed by a click on the control panel option. A dialogue box appears which has ‘‘Network Configuration’ option available in it. Click on the wizard and the tool will automatically detect the network and types of computers on it. If you printer & files share then network name will be asked by the wizard. The moment the wizard gets completed , restart your PC and you have your Server Network setup done on your PC.

Thus, Server network not only helps one to enjoy ample speedy performance for downloading & browsing, but can also allow one to share files and printer on the same with a robust network a must requirement to do so.