Routers are necessities of both wired and wireless connections when we want to access internet over the network.  You must ensure that router has enough ports to accommodate all the computers over the network. Wireless router helps you create wireless network by following few easy steps. Let us see them one by one.

To get right hardware

As it is quiet obvious that wireless router is essential to setup network. With advancement in technology, now days it has become very difficult to choose proper router. The best way to choose router is to check its compatibility with Windows7. If it works with Windows7, you will find it mentioned on the router. Many criteria must be taken under considerations which include speed it provides with the technology used. You must also consider whether the cost is worth for its performance and if the manufacturer is providing it with warranty. User comments and ratings will help you to find proper and popular router.

You must also be equipped with wireless and wired network adapter and Ethernet cables to join computers in wired network.

Set up router

If your router is compatible with Windows7 then installation is very easy. You just have to plug it into power source as use of WCN doesn’t require direct connection between computer and router. Right click on the network icon will lead you to ‘Connect to network’ where you will find the list of networks available at the moment. Choose right option and follow the procedure as displayed on screen.

If WCN is not available, there are two ways available. One is manual installation and other is use of setup CD. Setup CD will provide with available information to install router into the system. To manually install router you have to plug it into power supply and then with use of network cable establish connection between router and computer’s Network adapter. You must ensure that the port of the router you are using is not reserved for Internet or WAN or WLAN. You have to open configuration webpage of router which can be accessed by typing “” or “” in the address bar. There it might ask you user name and password which is ‘admin’ in most of the cases.

After accessing the webpage, search for the setup utility and run it. If it is not found then you can refer information associated with browser.

Connect router to internet

If router over the network is connected to the internet then each computer in the network can access it. If you are using cable internet then you just have to plug the wire provided by ISP into router. It must be connected to the port marked with “Internet”. If you are using modem then by using Ethernet cable you can establish connection between modem and router. Then you have to connect ISP cable into modem to access internet.

To setup a wireless router is easy and it’s easier when it is compatible with Windows7. If router comes with push button then just push the button and wait for few seconds. If you have WCN then computer will be automatically added to the network. Use of router has its own benefits which are too important to be ignored.