The Exchange Server 2003 is one of the many Microsoft products which come already installed on any Windows servers. This particular is an application which makes available a wizard that makes it sufficiently easy for any administrators to send and receive e-mails and apply e-mail configurations. This wizard application can be easily availed by any exchange console and it can be used to receive or send mails to users on windows domains.


  1. To initiate the process click in the start button in the windows which is on the server and it must have an exchange already installed.
  2. Go to the options menu and select the “control panels” option from the list of the options available.
  3. Then point the mouse to “Administrative Tools” and double click it and do the same with the “Exchange System Manager.”
  4. Then, select the name of the Exchange server and right click it and go and select the IMW, i.e. Internet Mail Wizard.
  5. Single click the Next option which is available at welcome screen, used to initiate the procedure.
  6. Then select the name of the exchange server name in drop-down box, which will ultimately be used to send and receive mails.
  7. In many organisations, one particular exchange server is installed, so that default name will be presented in the drop down list and thus it can use for the specific purposes.
  8. Further, select the next option; this will initiate the wizard to have a complete check of the features of server including the right hard drive to clasp sending mails. After it’s completed, again select the next button.
  9. Then select the ‘send internet mail’ available in the next window. Similarly, if you want then select the labelled box ’Retrieve Internet Email’ which can be used to exchange any server to have your receiving emails.
  10. Again select the next button, and then select the local domain available in the box displayed.
  11. If you want another installation, a single local domain would be available. Again select the next button, and further select SMTP Exchange server, which would be outgoing.
  12. This is again the same old server which is used for most of the emails. Then, again select the next button, and go to select the disable open relay. This step may avoid any spammer to use your exchange server for any operation.
  13. Again select the next option. And in the next window select the use domain name server. Again go and select next, and then allow delivery to all domains, this may permit users to send email to the remaining domains. Again click the next option, at the final touch.
  14. Click the finish button.