In this modern era computer & technology one is encompassed by machines. A chill is sent down spine if one does not find the machine to help the task done at that instance. Machine such as computer not only brought a revolution but was also capable of altering the orthodox approach savvy people to become radical computer users. Although, every bit n part of the computer has an immense importance but one which holds a kind of dominance is the “Internet” world. The Internet world has made business, communication and research work a piece of cake. Today one is at the end of the day completely dependant on Internet to proceed with all essentials. But when a technology related thing is very fruitful, keep in mind that, it may turn out to be a harmful source for you too. The menace adhering with Internet is the “Internet Viruses”, which when enter your computer becomes a cause of headache for you. These headache sources are namely Spy wares, Mal wares, Trojan horses, Worms and malicious viruses. Like for exampled a Spy ware is the one that compromises with the web browsers settings and also with some bits n parts of your computer or the Operating System, thus creates a complete holocaust in your PC.

Can you get rid of such intrusion? Can you give an answer to the malicious programmer?

Yes, you can do so by simply having security related software like Norton Anti-virus, Vipre Anti-virus, McAfee, Kasper Sky or AVG free edition one. These soft wares will act as protection shield for your computer and thus prevent computer from being attacked by viruses, spy wares, Trojans or mal wares etc.


Step one


To protect your computer from the Internet threats while you are busy surfing web using your web browser, while the virus makes its home in your computer. You need to download and install “Zone Alarm Force Field” software on your system. This will maintain a shield for you and thus, prevent any malicious attack on your computer back screen.

Step two

Moreover to ensure better protection you can also download and install McAfee Anti-virus Total Protection. By this you can add a cover of security to your web browser while you are surfing web. Not only will McAfee protect your computer from unwanted back screen intrusion but also will help you for protecting your computer against viruses, mal wares and spy wares etc. Above all, the latter will help you know before hand which website is potentially menacing or which not.

Step three

You can also purchase Norton Anti-virus 360 by Symantec. The Symantec’s product will ensure an all round protection for your computer.  The software will ensure that your computer does not undergo any malicious intrusion of any kind. It also helps to keep your computer bud free by regularly scanning your machine and keeping your computer clean.