It is the most important task to set up and customize your new computer. Although all manufactures send the Operating System and default software installed on the computer but there are some other things involved which need to be configured. Setting up a new computer requires a lot of steps where you will need to assemble hardware, user accounts, personalizing PC, etc.

Here are some basic steps which will be very helpful set up and customize your new computer.

Know your machine and tools:

It is very important that you have enough knowledge related to computer.  Setting up and customizing the new PC will be a very easy task for a person who is familiar with basic computer terminologies and technology and if you are new to computer then you should first get the basic knowledge before starting the computer.

Go to some informative website which gives information related to basic computer knowledge and brief introduction to computer. You should also get knowledge about the basic computer parts.

Set up your computer:

It is necessary to choose a perfect place at your home where you are going to keep your computer. So take good amount of time before unpacking the computer box because it is very tedious task to move the computer to another place after it is set up in one place.

The location should be near to power outlet so that you can connect the computer to get the power. There should also be enough space for cabling and other devices like speakers, printers, etc.

Unpack the computer:


You must always go though the manufacturer’s guidelines before unpacking the computer as it can give a fair idea of the product and the content of the box. Make sure that all the components like power cord and other extensions are intact and not broken. If you find anything not up to the mark then you must talk the manufacturer and return the product within 15 days.

If everything seems to be fine then remove all the covers and plastic protective items from a Laptop or Netbook and also take out the battery cable.

If you have a desktop, then you need to remove the covering from the CPU or the main box and monitor. Take out all the cables and unpack mouse, keyboards and any extra components.

For Laptop, all you need to so if to just insert the battery cable on the power outlet and connect the other end at the Laptop connectors and swish on the Laptop. In case of desktops, you will need to place all the components on the computer table and connect all the components as well. Switch on the desktop once all the components are attached.

Install Software:

The new computer will only have operating system and some of the pre-installed software (provided by manufacturer) in it. You will need to add software on your computer as per your requirement. Software like Microsoft Office, Music players, etc needs to be installed manually by inserting the software disk in the CD/DVD drive.

Customize your computer:


Once you have set up the computer and installed all required software in it, you will need to customize of personalize your computer. Create a user name of your own choice and set password. Add your user id in the Administrative group so that you have access to all features.  You can also create user for your children and give them limited access to computer features. Now personalize the look and feel of the system by setting the themes and desktop images on your computer. You change some other settings like enlarge the text size and add web favorite, etc according to your choice.