Rather than waste time trying to manage a number of email accounts differently, you can have all your email accounts managed by one application. This make it easy for you and saves you the agony of missing out on some mails because you did not read them. Save yourself that agony by setting up Microsoft Outlook with AOL. It is easy and fast and what it does eventually is amazing. Most people have discovered this secret weapon of mail accounts management and are having it easy using their mails.

To Set Up Microsoft Outlook with AOL, do the following;

First of all, open MS Outlook and go to Tools from where you should access the Account Settings tab. Once you click on it, the Account Settings pane will be opened and then pick Email, click the New tab and you will open the Add New Email Account pane. From here, choose the MS Exchange POP3, IMAP or HTTP and then type in your name and AOL email address, then password. Under the manually configure server settings tab, check the box beside it in and progress to the next step. Clicking on Next opens the Choose Email Service pane and then choose the Internet Email from the list. Under the Server Option tab, pick IMAP and then click on the More Settings tab, then the Outgoing server tab and check the box beside the My Server requires authentication tab, put a further check beside the Use same settings as my incoming server. Now simply maneuver to the advanced tab and change the default number to 587 from the 25 for the Outgoing Mail. Simply click on OK and you are as good as done with the set up. Click on Finish to end the set up and effect the changes.

Set Up Using Outlook 2003

If you are using MS Outlook 2003, simply go to the MS Outlook Tools folder and select Email Accounts from the where you should choose Add New Email Account. Now, IMAP is the protocol you will use and other information such user name and your AOL address, password you will just enter as prompted. However, under the incoming and outgoing mail server information, type the following respectively;

For Incoming mail server, enter server:imap:aol:com and under the Outgoing mail server, enter the following, server:smtp:aol:com and then just click on the More Settings tab. Under the More Settings tab, choose the Outgoing Server button and check the box beside the tab My server requires authentication and a similar check beside the box with the tab Use same settings as my incoming server. Now, click on the Advanced tab and just change the port number given, 25 to 587 and then finish with OK, then Next and then Finish.

Set Up Complete

Up to that point, you have just configured successfully your MS Outlook with AOL and should be able to have a more manageable and streamlined way of handling your different mail accounts. If you are after time saving, this is what you should be doing!