Setting up Outlook on your new Windows 7, is not as mind boggling as some might say. In few easy steps you are all set to go. Hence the idea of Windows 7 is to have a whole new operating system with no backlogs and ensuring highest performance; therefore a clean Windows 7 upgrade will clear out all previous settings and you would have to manually set all program.

Get cracking

Once you have your Windows 7 installed, you have to set each application settings manually, but do not fret, if you have done a backup of your files before upgrading on a disk, all your settings should be saved and its only a matter of drag and drop. However, if you have not backed, Windows 7 upgrade would have created a folder named Windows.old (in most cases in you C:/ drive), access the folder by running a search and once you find the file recover content. Your Outlook’s email setting information is stored in a registry.

Importing files from Registry

If you have not yet upgraded the Windows 7 and still running either Windows Vista and/or Windows XP, you can save the Outlook profiles copied from the Registry. To find the Registry link, run the command “regedit” in the run command (Start and then run command). Inwindow’s left hand panel, look for ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Windows Messaging Subsystem/Profiles’. Once you find the Profiles folder right click and choose export; there will be “.reg “file and should be saved to a disk or an external drive so you can access it after the Windows 7 upgrade.

Restore Outlook

Open you Outlook, it will like setting up your Outlook for the very first time. Therefore, when the wizard starts, choose NO to say you do not want to setup an email, instead choose Continue with no e-mail support; once you done so you will be opened to the outlook window and then close/quit the application.  Now get the .reg file that you had saved and drop it back into your computer, it will ask you twice before copying it into your computer, say YES. Once that’s done, reopen Outlook and select Tools, and then Account Settings here you should see your email account and try and send a test mail to see if it works.  To get your calender, contacts and past email back in your Outlook, open windows explorer and the select Organize and then Folder and Search options, click on View Tab and select Show hidden files and folders; click OK. Once done search for Outlook Folder under Windows.old; and rename the file Outlook.pst to any name and drag and drop it into Users One folder in your C drive. This should have got all your old stuff back into Outlook.

If none of the above works your only solution, if you haven’t backed up is recreate the email account from scratch.