Nowadays, network connections are spurring at a very faster pace and we are aided by a proficient and ample internet connection along with a better file sharing facility apart from other stuffs too. Hence there are different means to get connected to a wireless network using your router or any other means as such. Now suppose you are

Setting up your wireless connection using a Comcast network for home usage. Then it’s necessary to pay heed to security stuff at the time of installation of the latter. Wireless connections are broadcasted air as a medium and it is quite plausible that your data transfer may become a source of infringement. That is your data transfer may get attacked by the malicious user and can be quite harmful too. To plan a wireless network you have to bring to lime light certain standards which will be help full to secure the data, and thus computers can be guarded from being hacked.

A set of guidelines are as follows:

Step one

Get the computer Installed with anti-virus software which can access through the wireless network like Wi-Fi. McAfee is recommended by Comcast, but other providers like AVG and Norton also offer anti-virus products which can be used to build up a security for the wireless internet connection. Keep in mind to update your anti-virus software which you have installed. Moreover, emphasise on the Anti-virus virus definitions which must get updated regularly.

Step two

The wireless router must be placed at such a location in your home which is central. Thus, allowing the waves of wireless network to spread throughout the home from the router without being damped. The main cause of reduction in strength is the interference caused by the walls and materials amid its way. The interference makes it less probable for the data indicted to be received using the router. This actually means that the packets of data are lost and interference makes the signal to go in vain.

Step three

Bear in mind to protect important information on your computer. For instance, do not save essentials like credit card numbers, debit card numbers or network security numbers on the computer in a notepad text pad. Apply the encryption software or try a best means to keep the password protected and encrypted at the same time. A Hacker if gains and access to the wireless network of yours remember he/she can also get on to the directory of your computer, hence protection of wireless network must be given a prime priority.


Step four


Install Firewall software for the Router. Mostly used Routers like Linksys and D-Link available are firewall enabled. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the router and go for firewall configurations and get them implemented on the wireless router of you are currently using.

Step five

Like WPA encryption for your wireless router is the best option in hand. The router settings allow you to choose which kind of security can be used.