Most people desire for a wireless network so that they can access the Internet from anywhere or any room in the house along with the freedom of being able to access their files and printers wirelessly. A wireless network provides you with the ultimate networking flexibility and can be set up easily. This article will tell you all the steps for setting up your wireless network and using it as well.

The equipment that you will require to setup wireless is a Broadband Internet connection along with a modem, a Wireless router and a Wireless networks adapter. After you have all of the required equipment, you have to set up your modem and Internet connection. If the modem is not set up for you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), then you have to follow all the instructions that came earlier with your modem when it was connecting it to your computer and your Internet connection. If you are using the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) then you have to connect your modem to a phone jack. However, you have to connect your modem to a cable jack if you are using cable.

After you have setup the modem and Internet connection. Keep in mind to put your wireless router in a place where it receives the strongest signal and does not have much interference. Now you are ready to setup a wireless on your laptop.

Following are the steps to setup wireless on a laptop with Windows 7:-

  1. A wireless card should be built into your notebook and turned on. It is easy to bump the wireless switch on some computers and then accidentally turn it off. Blue or orange will be flashed if it is activated and is working properly.
  2. Switch on your laptop and wait for the entire software to load fully.
  3. You will see the wireless networks available in the right corner. A list will be displayed if there is more than one wireless network.
  4. Double click on the network that you want. If you are not sure of which wireless network you have already a set up at home, the model of router will tell you the SSID of your network.
  5. Ask the name and password from the restaurant, library or business for his wireless network. Sometimes there will be a paper at the front counter having a display of this information.
  6. The network you had chosen will be displayed as soon as it is connected along with even if it does not have the Internet access. If you are not able to connect to one network then try another one which is there on the list.

Finally, your wireless network is ready to be used the way you want to use it. You can relax anywhere you want to in your house and yet be out there to browse the web, send e-mails or do online shopping and much more.