With the help technology it is very easy to print something by wireless printer at home. Suppose in your home, each room has a computer set then it gets really difficult and costly to provide a printer for each computer. Although a number of people also have a computer system hardwires using a laptop in their home. That’s why no one wants to use USB cables each time to print something. Also, laptops are meant to be portable. So, setting up a wireless printer at home gets very easy, simple, convenient and not costly.

There are several easy ways to set up a wireless printer at home. You can easily do it by yourself. Following are some of its instructions:

Wireless printer:

Nowadays you will find some newer printer models that are designed to be fully network capable. So, it becomes easy for you as some essential network interface hardware is already integrated into the printer. Hence, you can easily configure the printer’s wireless network connection directly from the controls of the device which already has a few models labeled with ‘one touch setup’ features. You can enter a network setup menu smoothly with the help of some advanced printers. In the menu you must find a wizard where you can recognize the existing wireless network connection at your home. After this, you have to connect the printer as the latest node in the network. You just have to access the home network’s SSID and WEP encryption code. Later, when the printer is recognized as the part of the network, you need to install the printer software in a CD-ROM in all the computers in the network’s so that they can all be easily used with the printer.

Wireless print server:

A wireless print server is an external device which is connected to a printer to give it wireless networking capabilities. By a USB cable or parallel cable the printer to print server connection is facilitated which is dependent on the old of printer. A computer must be firstly connected to it via an Ethernal cable for the initial set up of the print server.  You will enter the print server configuration page through the computer and its web browser. Here you have to set print server IP address and SSID. According to the range of home wireless network the IP address should be given and also SSID which is used by wireless router. To recognize the print server this setting will allow the home network.  Then install of its software in each computers in the network.

Shared printer:

If you have an existing wireless network then you can set up wireless printing without a print server because in this system the printer in installed and connected to one of the computers in the wireless home network. For the computer, it will serve as host computer. It is necessary to power up and connection for the host computer. The printer can’t be accessed if the host computer is logged out.