There are lots of benefits that you can have from a wireless network. Imagine you are working in your kitchen and are sending the printing requests to the printer of your home office; you are sitting on the couch and relaxing and browsing the web or chatting with your friends in the bed at night. All of these things are only possible with the help of a wireless network. You can easily have a lot of network flexibility once you set up the wireless network.

How to start

First of all you must get the right equipment for yourself. If you do not have the right equipment you would never be able to get the things done. Some of the important items that you should have for setting up the wireless network include wireless router, broadband Internet connection and modem and the wireless network adapters.

Wireless router

The importance of the wireless router can not be denied in a wireless network. The information can be transferred between the Internet and your network with the help of this router. This sort of router helps you to connect your computer with the network of yours with the help of the radio signals and no wires are used in this case.


The broadband Internet connection is of higher speed as compared to the dial up ones. The wireless network can not be supported with the help of the dial up connection as they are slower and are less powerful and can not support the wireless network. DSL and cable are two major options which you have for the broadband connections.

Network adapter

The adapter is a device which is used for connecting your computer to the network. In order to connect your computer to the wireless network, the computer should have the wireless network adapter in it. The computer can be either the laptop or the desktop computer. Usually this is installed in the laptops and also in some of the desktop computers too. For checking the settings for the wireless network adapter first open the device manager by clicking on the start button then control panel then click on system and security. Under system click on device manager. Give in the password if you are prompted so. Then double click on network adapters and then search any network adapter which has wireless in the name. If the wireless network adapter is missing then you must buy one from the electronics store and then install it on your computer.

Set up the Internet connection and modem

Once all the equipment is set then you must set up your Internet connection as well as the modem. If your ISP did not set up the connection then you must follow the instructions that are given for the setup.

Position your wireless router

Place your router in a central position. Try to place it in the center of your home so that you should be able to access it from anywhere in the home. You should place the router above the floor and also away from the walls and things that are made up of metal. The interference should be tried to reduce and the frequencies should not cross.