Before its declaration on July 22, 2005, the prospect Windows was noted for its codename “longhorn”. Development was finished on November 8, 2006; in the following three months this was released gradually to the computer hardware and the producers of software, business clients, and retail channels.

On January 30, 2007, this was released in the entire world were given for the purchase and the load from  the release of prospect Windows arrived more than five years after the introduction of its predecessor, Windows XP, longest intervals of time between the sequential releases of the table computer Windows Of Microsoft operating systems. This followed Windows 7, which was released to the production on July 22, 2009, and for the wide strata of society on October 22, 2009. Over the long term for windows, statement (processes) they broke into a run, on silence, on all accessible central processors (processors). If, you have repeated processors or dual or the core of processor, then you can force the proximity of process to govern the fact, such as processor (y) statement or program (process) continues. Similar to the broken into a run statements or to programs (processes) with the priority of central processor, you can force the proximity of processor to have a statement or a program in order to use only one central processor, while you can force another statement to break into a run on other central processor, thus reaching the optimum central processor of utilization. Although you cannot establish the priority of central processor into the programs, the managers as of service, you can establish the proximity of processor into such statements either programs as the surveys of antivirus or the surveys of anti-spyware. Thus you can reach a good index during the programs either the statements (as Firefox, Internet Of explorer, etc), on which you at present act, assigning the similarities of processor, which are differed from those for it is review anti-spyware or antivirus. You can also govern the defined statements that do not know about the processors, establishing the proximity of process as to establish the proximityof processor to the statements over the long term for windows? Manager of the windows Of task

Right presses on the panel of the tasks of your table computer of the prospect for windows and it selects the manager of task or presses a change In ctrl Of esc in order to open the manager of task Windows.

Click on the calculation of the processes, Click at the show is processed from the entire button of users, from below, Click the button Of continue for UAC without delay, Right click by the process (statement), the proximity of processor of which you want to change the proximity of the collection, Check central processor (y), that you want so that the process (statement) would continue and would harvest OK of limitation to the designation of the similarities of processor over the long term for the windows, It is however recommended in order not to change the proximity of process to the processes of the file of the system of prospect, to avoid potential problems. You can instead of this change the proximity of process, only for the applied processes, to be safe.

Proximity of the processor which establishes makes for the statement, it will only last as long as statement is open. If you shut statement or computer, then the proximity of processor will return to the nonpayment i.e., automatically using all central processors, for that statement. If the established statement supports symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) or hyper-piercing (HT), then prospect, automatically will adapt the use of application of each processor for the best index. You will not benefit from very, by hand changing the proximity of processor to those statements. The proximity of the processor of collection to your of applications or processes optimizes the use of a central processor.