Even if you have your Windows 7 operating system DVD, it is highly recommended that you create a System repair disk in case of any emergencies. You can set up a CD or DVD as your repair disk at any point in time. It is a backup disc when your system crashes, or is unbootable and you cannot find the installation CD / DVD.

System Recovery options

System Recovery Options is a list of menu to help you recover your computer when it crashes or it is affected by a serious error. The menu has the following options – Start-up Repair:  this option automatically repairs problems that prevent your Windows Operating system with its starting up; System Restore:  once you have a set up restore point, this options helps you go back in time when it was functioning ok and restoring the windows to that point; System Image Recover: similar to the restore but it based on a system image which you have previous set up and recovers the computer based on the saved system image; Windows Memory Diagnostic: it checks your computer system for any memory hardware errors and lets you know and helps fix the problem; finally Command Prompt (DOS): this is useful if you are an advanced computer user and access and computer system other impossible using series of commands.  The System Repair Disc will contain all The System Recovery Option and the menu easily accessible by you.

Create the System Repair Disc

It is easy to create the System Repair Disk. Just follow the steps. From your Control Panel (you can get to the Control Panel from Start button on your desktop), selectSystem and Maintenance and then choose Backup and Restore.In the next windows, choose the third (or last) option on the left hand side (left panel) Create a system repair disk. Remember you need to be an Administrator to create the disk and you might be prompted for a password, if you have setup a password.

In the new window choose the Disc type CD or DVD in the option drive tray and click on Create Disk. Prior to this make sure you have inserted a blank CD / DVD into your CD / DVD drive.The next window will show you the status of creating the disk and once done, click OK.  Take the DVD out and keep it handy


In the situation where you are prompted to insert a Windows installation disc while creating the System Repair Disc; it means your computer is missing the files requires creating one. In that case install your Windows 7 Operating system DVD and run it.

You can create any number of System Repair disc and running it is also easy all you need to do is insert the CD / DVD when you computer fails to start up and choose to start your computer with the System Repair Disc.