For setting up the Wireless network first of all you would need to connect the router with any computer using a LAN cable. This is done so that you can access the router settings page for setting up the wireless network. If you have a new router then just plug the WAN cable in the WAN port of the router and then connect the LAN port of the router to your computer. This will enable the router in the switch mode and you would be online. Next run the IPCONFIG command in the command prompt and note down the Default Gateway of your computer. Next open any browser and type http://<default gateway address> (Example:- http:\\ this will take you to the routers settings screen and will ask for login. Login can be done by using “admin” as the username and blank as the password. Once logged in you will land on the settings page and will get number of options over there.

Click on the WLAN option and then give a name to your wireless network. It is called SSID and this name would let you identify your wireless network if there is more than one network in the vicinity. That would be all to start with an unsecure wireless network. Use another computer which has a wireless card on it and scan for available networks. It will list your newly added network and on double clicking it will get connected to it. But this way anybody who will come in the range of your router will be able to connect to it and access the resources without you even knowing about it. Given below are the steps to make the wireless network secure so that nobody else can connect to it without knowing the passkey.

In the router’s setting page under the WLAN option you will find option for Wireless security. There you need to first set the encryption and then set a passkey for your Wireless network. This passkey is also called as WEP key which stands for Wireless Equivalent Privacy. So if you enable WEP key security on your network then your wireless network would become as secure as any wired network. No body would be able to connect to your computer without knowing the passkey or the so called WEP key. To connect computer to your secure network you need to scan the Wireless network and once found double click on it to attempt connecting to it. Windows will then prompt you to enter the WEP key. Enter the WEP key and save it so that your computer does not prompt you to enter the key again while connecting to this secure network of yours. The same steps of connecting and entering the passkey needs to be done on all the computers once so that they can join the Secured Wireless network just created by you.