For windows vista users before setting up wireless network it is necessary to install Windows vista Service Pack 1.1 which you can download from Microsoft site. Service pack protects your system from hacking and any other Internet intruders. First you need to get a wireless router, which sends information between your network using radio signals instead of wires. It uses different wireless technologies 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n

among which 802.11g and 802.11n are the best as it provides very good performance. Then you need to get a wireless network adapter same type of adapters as your router which connects your laptop to a network. For newer laptops it may be already installed otherwise you need to purchase from computer store and install it by yourself.

In the Internet explorer type the address to configure your router

(e.g., it may ask you for User Name and password related to your router. Once you login, router configuration settings will be displayed. First click the WLAN also known as SSID which will identify your network.

To make your connection secure you must provide WEP (Wireless encryption Key) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) which helps to protect your wireless network. You need to provide unique passkey as WEP and administrative password. After making all the configuration settings do not forget to save it.

Once you configure all the hardware you are ready to connect to a network.

Laptop gives you button for wireless on/off, so make it on when you try to establish the wireless connection. Now, go to start menu and choose control panel, then select “Network and sharing center” and choose “Connect to the network” option from the left pane. From the list of networks choose wireless network which you want to connect to. If your required wireless network is not available then it may happen that you may be out of range of router. In that case you can add new network from “Manage Wireless networks” which is also listed in left pane of “Network and sharing center” and then configure it.

Once you find your required wireless network click on “Connect” or double click on the network.

If you are using unsecure connection then you will get a warning screen, and if you want to connect then after clicking on “Connect Anyway” you will get connected to that network. Most of the public networks will be like this and it is very risky as all the computers will be accessible by anyone. So better to use secured wireless network. For secure connection you need to provide security key or passphrase which you entered during router configuration. Save this network so that next time when you connect to wireless network you will be getting connected automatically. So, you have made a connection. Click on internet explorer and connect to any website to check whether the connection is working or not.

If you find any difficulty in setting up wireless on windows vista you just need to follow on-screen instructions and vista will gives you advice on how to solve the problem.