The trend of wireless technology has gained immense popularity in recent years. In these few years, people have shifted to wireless equipment and which make your place more spacious. The wireless networks have become an integral part in the offices. With advancement in the wireless technology, companies have introduced wireless printers as well. No doubt, they have provided an element of comfort for computing. They are easy to install with no need of wires, especially Ethernet other local area network cables needed for a network set up. This makes the entire system more economical over time and less complicated. There is no need for huge bundles of wires going all around the office or home. All you need is just a printer.

There is no hi-tech knowledge involved in setting up a wireless printer at your end. It revolves around five quick steps and requires only a few minutes to get the wireless printer started.

Where to place the Printer

The wireless printer is needed especially when there are a number of computers functioning and you have only one printer to meet the demands. Thus, it is essential that you place the printer in a specific location that it is accessible for everyone. Furthermore, there must be sufficient place for putting other accessories of the printer. This include, printer ink, paper etc.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Setting up a wireless network involves a decision to make regarding the type of network to be used. The two options are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The latest computers that are available in the market have one of these connectivity features in them. In case you do not have the wireless card available in the computer, you can simply insert a wireless USB dongle and get things started. However, it is worth mentioning that printers with Bluetooth facility have a smaller range compared to the ones with Wi-Fi.

Printer Sharing

It is essential to ‘inform’ the computer about the type of printer that you will attach. In case you are using the Windows Vista, you can change the settings by going in the network setting of the Control Panel in the network settings and later enabling the ‘file and printer sharing’.

Sharing the Printer

The same thing should be done for the other computers in the same way as described earlier. In Windows Vista, open the classic view and go to Control Panel. Open the option for printers. Bring the cursor to the printer that will be shared and right click on it. Click properties. A new window will open where you will mark a ‘check’ on the option for allowing the sharing of printer.

Wireless devices generally face more troubleshooting errors compared to the other devices. It is important for the network controller to keep an eye on the network systems and make sure that they are active. Otherwise, such type of negligence will lead to more issues.