One can never think of having enough screen space when working or organizing on the digital forum. If one using single monitor instead of buying another monitor at high rate one can easily buy the second one at considerable lower price if the person is having vista in his home. These will instantly double the de4sktop space without wasting much time. Flat plane LCD monitors look great and one can even work with the normal CRT monitors. There are several ways one can use the extra space available in the home.

Now a day more and more people in the office try using dual monitors to lessen the work load and improve upon the work quality. Dual monitors also reduce the stress that one goes through. It helps in expanding workspace. Where there are dual monitors one can work on many other applications at the same time. It makes computer tasking easier by working in other applications and without switching off windows each time. Dual monitors are not that difficult to set up and windows vista provides a huge range in helping a user to do so. There are certain steps which one should follow.

One should first check on his own desktop to see that whether it supports the dual property just by seeing at the video graphics adapter interface. Definitely it should have more than one video interface and if it has one single interface then it has to be replaced by the multiuser interface. There should not be any single VGA or DVI interface. The video card has to compatible with the computer and by seeing this feature that one should buy the other computer. If one has not yet bought another monitor then make sure you buy the one with the same resolution, dimension and specs that of the existing one.

It will be difficult to use two different types of display and nevertheless it looks bad so try to figure out the same resolution and dimension as much as possible to avoid any problems. Now a day’s many desktop computers have in built VGA ports, so once you get the computer try to connect your VGA port and make sure that the VGA port is tightly connected with the interface to avoid future problems. Windows Vista has this capability to detect the second monitor as soon as the first one turned ON. “Graphics property” is the option which one select by right clicking on the empty space of the desktop area. A window will soon appear where you will have to choose the “Extended Desktop” to enable the dual desktop property. Click on the “Apply” option and in the second one you can see the features. It is very simple to install the dual desktop property. Now one can adjust the resolution and if you are using the same spec monitor then there is really no need of doing anything.