Google has, again, widened its contribution for technology innovation by releasing another mobile phone which is designed to work as a computer. In January 2010, Google released it second smart phone called Nexus One following the release of the G1.

The Nexus One has an Android Open Source Mobile Operating System which is created especially for mobile devices.

About the Android OS:

  • Basically, it is the modified version of Linux Kernel.
  • It is also one of those open source product of Google which means that the OS of the phone is open to the public to use, redistribute, or modify without buying rights.
  • The Nexus One is also sold as an unlocked phone which means it can work with any network service provider

Some of the popular features of the Nexus One include the noise cancellation for the dual microphones. The noise cancellation is in charge for minimizing other noises from the environment so that the user could hear clearly the caller. It also has a high end GPS voice guide for direction and use voice command to enter or type in text. Nexus One is also WIFI ready so it’s always available to connect to the internet.

  1. You can also add compatible applications to enjoy unlimited games, programs, etc through the mobile phone. It also has built in Gmail and YouTube application. It does not only serve Gmail accounts but users can also add their own e-mail accounts from different e-mail service provider. Internet and computer have been made easy and accessible by the Nexus One since it allows you to surf, do business, chat, and check e-mail through your mobile device.
  2. Since the only ready-to-use e-mail application available in Nexus One is Gmail, there is always an option of adding more e-mail accounts to the phone. When the mobile phone is used for the first time, the phone will automatically ask if you want to create or add a new e-mail account.
  3. If the phone is not used for the first time and you want to add a new account, you can open Account on the menu. Select the ‘Add Account’ then the setup e-mail screen will appear. It will ask you to enter your e-mail address and password of the account you want to add and use.
  4. After entering your e-mail and password, the phone connects to the email service provider that you want to add to authenticate the e-mail and password you submitted. After authenticating the data you entered, the e-mail account settings will appear.
  5. You can modify the settings of how you want your e-mail account to work such as username change, and inbox and outbox setting. After changing the setting of your newly added e-mail account, touch the ‘Done’ button to finish.

You can now fully enjoy the various features of the Nexus One, from internet surfing to GPS navigation… including checking your e-mail anytime, anywhere. Having Nexus One feels like you have a tiny laptop on your hands which offers a lot of things to do and discover. Enjoy your new Nexus One!