The parental controls are important for the network but if your computer is connected to any domain then you would not be able to have any such options. If you use the parental controls then you would be able to manage all the information which can be accessed as well as viewed by your children. For instance, with the help of these controls you would be able to manage the number of hours for which the computer can be used by your children. You can also set the times for playing games and different programs that can be run by your children. A notification would appear regarding the blockage of the programs or the games when you try to access any such game or program which has the parental controls in it. With the help of entering the information of your account, you would be able to access those games and programs.

Setting up the controls

In order to set up the parental controls to block certain programs from your children you would first need to have a user account with administrator rights. For the child you are going to set up the parental controls must have the standard user account which is allowed by the operating system. Only standard user accounts can have these parental controls and no other account can have them. Along with the parental controls you can also have the filtering as well as the activity reporting controls that are allowed by the Windows operating system.

Turn on the parental controls

For turning these controls on you must first open the parental controls. Click on the start button then control panel and then under the user accounts and family safety you should click on set up parental controls for any user. You must then click on that standard use account for which you wish to set up the controls. If there is no such user account then you must create one by clicking on create a new user account. Under the parental controls, you must click on, enforce current settings. Once the parental controls are turned on for the standard user account of your child then you can easily adjust the individual settings for that particular control.

Time limit

The time limits can be set in order to control the number of hours or the time for which your child would be allowed to log into the computer. With the help of this kind of limit your child would be prevented from logging on at any other hour which is not specified by you.


The access to certain games can also be controlled with the help of these controls. The age rating level can be chosen as well as the types of the content which you wish to block for your child and can also decide if you want to allow the games that are unrated etc.

Allow specific programs while blocking others

This would allow you to choose a list of the programs that your child would have access. He would be able to run only those programs while the others would be blocked and he would not be able to access them.